Blurb Coupon Code Offers and Review

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Before our review for let’s first deal with coupon codes. Blurb coupon code 2015 offers are available to tempt people to try their photobooks, usually giving up to 15, 20, sometimes 30 percent off the regular price as well as free shipping. Blurb are well aware that once you try their simple and easy Booksmart software you will come back time and time again.

Blurb promo codes are now also available for the UK site, Australia at and Canada at (where stated)

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How To Use Your Blurb Coupon Code In 5 Simple Steps

To claim the latest codes follow these 5 simple steps

  1. Save any current Photobook and close your session.
  2. Choose an offer and click the coloured button to reveal your coupon code. Another window will also open to the sign in page
  3. If you are already a member SIGN IN, if you are not a member, then click “Register” and sign up.
  4. Open your saved photobook (or create a new one), then go to the checkout. Type in your Blurb promo code to receive your discount
  5. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page, we love to hear how you’ve benefited from our offers


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Blurb Booksmart Review has a passion for books, and with an online community that share that passion you are guaranteed quality. Holding a finished Blurb photobook in your hands which shows off all your memories is a wonderful feeling, which is why the software developers of Blurb have taken away all the technical difficulties of creating a book online and made it into a simple and easy step by step process.

Blurb’s Booksmart software comprises a set of tools to create a photobook in a number of formats and sizes. From as little as an 18cm square book to a 32×28 landscape book, you will be spoilt for choice in deciding which suits your taste and requirements. The on line version of Booksmart is called Bookify.

The User Guide

The user guide is so simple that a basic photobook can be created in minutes by simply uploading the photos and letting the software automatically order the photos for you, a great plus point for beginners who don’t have the time or patient to work on a photobook for days.

And it’s not just photobooks you can create, Booksmart can create notebooks, planners, yearbooks, you can even convert a blog into a book format.

Photo Handling and Uploading

Loading up the photos cannot be easier. There is of course the standard upload from your computer, but other options to upload from facebook, twitter, flickr etc cuts out the middle step of first uploading to your computer which saves time and effort. If you are creating a photobook where you need people to contribute, for instance a stag do, then you can actually invite contributors to add their snaps directly into Booksmart, saving you the hassle of receiving multiple emails with attachments.

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For the slightly more adventurous, the software incorporates a photo editor allowing you to crop, resize, zoom and rotate images to ensure they fit perfectly. You can also adjust the fonts, style and colours to exactly how you want.

Purchasing Your Photobook

Once you are done with your book it’s a simple matter to log into your Blurb account from the Booksmart application and upload it to the servers. This can take up to 10 minutes for a 40 page book so be patient as this is done. Once the book is uploaded successfully you must purchase at least one copy or the book will be removed in 15 days. Of course you still have the Booksmart version safe and sound if you need to upload again later.

Awards And Recognition

In a recent survey Blurb came out on top when comparing it’s intuitive software with other similar photobook services as well as winning the 2008 Webby Award for best Services Website

Whatever size you opt for, Blurb BookSmart® gives you:

  • Professionally made templates with the ability to create your own custom layouts
  • Easy image placement and size adjustment anywhere on the page
  • The ability to create photobooks, novels, planners, notebooks and more
  • Convert any booksmart book to an ebook and carry on your ipad
  • Hard, soft and leather cover options and seven different sizes.
  • Upload from a variety of sources including desktop, Facebook, Flickr etc

Online Support and LIVE Chat

If you run into any issues while using Blurb, the service provides an online FAQs section where you’ll find helpful, in-depth information regarding its services. Blurb also provides direct assistance through email and online chat.

You can access online chat by first going to the Customer Support page, then click Contact Support, then click the sidebar which says Chat Support, see below

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Pricing and Blurb Promo Code Offers

The photobooks on Blurb sell for as little as $12.99 up to $50.99 which is competitive when we compared them to other services. As listed in the opening of this article Blurb issue regular promotions to tempt people to try their service. Personally I don’t think it requires coupon codes to do this as Blurb has already established itself as the market leader in photobook production. However, everyone is happy to get some discount so ensure you do take up any opportunity and grab some Blurb coupons from this page to reduce your purchase price.

Blurb Return Policy And Cancellation

Blurb offer a 100% money back guarantee on all their photobooks. It must be made absolutely clear though that this applies directly to damage in transit or a manufacturing defect. Blurb stress that they do not proof read any photobooks so any text that is mis-spelt is purely down to the customer. There is a preview button on the BookSmart software so there really is no excuse for mistakes.

Cancelling a photobook can be done within 1 hour of making your order. After that the processing cannot be stopped and you are commited.

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Blurb gives anyone who wants to create an elegant photo book a fun and simple way to do so. The Booksmart software is incredibly simple and user friendly with enough options to tailor your books to satisfy even the more creative people. With a good choice of styles and sizes plus monthly coupons for saving on your purchase, we can’t fault Blurb and give it our best score on this site of 10/10.

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