Tiny Prints Coupon And Review

Looking for a Tiny Prints coupon? Before we begin let’s deal with the subject of coupons. Tiny Prints coupon offers are designed to shave money off your order, these can vary from site-wide discounts to more specific promo codes for invitations, photobooks etc Makes sure you always use a coupon because they are always readily available, just see below for the latest offers.

Claim Your March Tiny Prints Coupon In 5 Simple Steps

To claim your discount follow the below 5 steps

  1. Save any current work and close your Tinyprints.com session.
  2. Click the relevant yellow button below to reveal you coupon code. Another window will also open to Tinyprints.com
  3. If you are already a member then “Sign in”, if you are not a member, then click “Sign Up Now” to register.
  4. Open your saved work (or create a new one), then go to the checkout. Type in your Tiny Prints promo code to receive your discount
  5. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page, we love to hear how you’ve benefited from our codes

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Tiny Prints Review

Tiny Prints is an online photo service that allows you to create your own custom prints, be it for holiday cards, photobooks, announcements etc. The service is rich in features and designs and the stunning templates, which there are many, are very professional looking in their appearance.

The website itself is extremely easy to navigate with a simplistic top menu bar where you can choose the category of prints you want. At the bottom there are plenty of resources including links to help you order and construct your prints.


Tiny Prints have plenty to offer when it comes to the features they provide. After choosing a template for your photos you will be provided with a list of product details, such as the resolutions, size requirements, ink colors etc. You can also choose to have your cards pre shipped so you don’t even need to write the address on them when they arrive. At a slightly extra cost you can even have Tiny Prints send your cards for you.

Take A Tour Of Tinyprints

Picture Uploading and Design

Uploading is fast and easy. You can upload directly from your computer plus Tiny Prints allows uploads from all the popular sites including Picasa, Facebook, Flickr and more.

Making your cards is simple too and can be a lot of fun. I would advise sticking fairly close to the template parameters as full customisation can be a little fiddly. The best tool I found was the colour tool which allows you to effortlessly change the font and colors on the card thus giving it your own style.

The templates themselves look fabulous although there seemed to be a restriction for photo cards over photo books, but even so, there’s enough available to find one you like.

Customer Support

Customer service is excellent, offering the usual phone email and online chat. The representatives seemed very friendly and knowledgeable. There is a 100% guarantee so if there is a problem with your prints they will reprint them for you at their expense.

The online chat facility is very simple to use, just click on “contact” at the bottom of the website then select “Start Live Chat”

tinyprints-customer support

Other Accessories

As well as prints and photobooks Tinyprints offer a lot of accessories. So let’s have a look at a small selection of the most popular ones:


tinyprints-invitationsIf someone plans to throw a shower for the baby, he or she might need invitations. Details on the invitation typically include the date of the shower, along with where it will be held, the time it will start, and what gifts may be requested. People who respond to these invitations also might be provided with a phone number or email address to RSVP.

Celebrating a holiday also typically includes sending out notifications to friends and relatives. When they want to celebrate Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, and other special occasions, people may choose invitations that reflect the day’s sentiment. They might include pictures of family celebrations, Christmas trees, and other decorations that demonstrate what they intend to celebrate.

Address Labels

tiny-prints-addresslabelsMailing out invitations and announcements requires that people put their addresses on each envelope. This task can be time consuming and more than some individuals are willing to undertake. To make this task easier, some individuals may choose to purchase address labels. These labels can arrive with the person’s address on it, as well as a decorative component that denotes the person’s personality. For example, women who like flowers may choose labels that have roses or tulips on them. They may also order them in pink or red. Alternatively, men might choose labels with golf clubs, cars, or deer on them. They might ask for them in blue or green.

Thank you notes

After they hold a celebration, it is customary for people to send out thank you notes. This consideration expresses their appreciation for the guests’ attendance. It also can express thanks for any gifts received. Many relatives and friends consider it rude if others do not send out thank you notes. These notes can be humorous or they may also be sincere and decorative. As such, when people order an invitation or announcement set, they also order their thank you notes at the same time.


They might make the task of sending out notifications easier as well if they order a stamp set. Like return labels, stamps can be ordered with a person’s address and name on them. A person has to press it onto an envelope instead of writing.


Tinyprints offer a good service and one that makes compiling holiday cards or photobooks very easy. The quality is very high as is their customer service. There is not a lot that can go wrong especially when you are covered with a 100% guarantee.

Review written by Tom Bruce