I See Me Coupon Code And Book Review

Before we delve into our extensive review of I See Me Books, let’s first look at the coupons codes currently on offer. I See Me coupon code offers will help you save on your purchase. These range from discounts on specific books to site wide offers, usually up to 15%

How To Claim Your March I See Me Coupon Code In 5 Easy Steps

To claim your coupons follow the below 5 steps

  1. Save any current work and close your Iseeme.com session.
  2. Click the relevant blue button below to reveal you coupon code. Another window will also open to the Iseeme.com
  3. If you are already a member then “Log in”, if you are not a member, then click “Create Account” to register.
  4. Open your saved work (or create a new one), then go to the checkout. Type in your I See Me coupon to receive your discount
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I See Me Book Review

I See Me stories are individually sold and marketed on the site Iseeme.com. This site offers personally written stories for children of all ages and who are celebrating a variety of occasions. Read the following review of personalized I See Me books and know that they are the perfect gift for the little one in your life, and their online ordering site encourages customers to return again and again for each new special occasion.

History Of I See Me

This company is owned and operated as a family business. Husband and wife team Maia and Allen developed the concept for their company after receiving one of these similar gifts for their own child. They discovered much was lacking in the gift their child had received, and developed improvements with their own ideal qualities brought to the writers desk. When the first book was written by Maia, her husband and several colleagues took her story and business plan to develop an award winning series of books that are read and shared by celebrities and their children.

The unique quality of I see me books and gifts is the educational incorporation into each personal gift. Concepts such as letter identification and recognition, phonemic awareness, and concepts of print are communicated through each book written by the I See Me company and its writers. Vocabulary and name recognition are also accomplished with each book.

I See Me Books

These delightful stories are available for a virtual tour on the company website. Options for Christmas, Hanukkah, new siblings, birthdays, other holidays, and custom ordering are all available options. The hand drawn illustrations in each story remind the reader of a comforting grandmother’s quilt while the stories are relevant and rhyming creating the perfect child friendly gift for your littlest loved ones.

I See Me Books

Stories are available in age appropriate material and character plots. While many I See Me personalized books are interchangeable by name and occasion, personal touches are evident in each story for each child receiving one. The stories are relevant to the circumstances and celebrations of each child, includes the name of the child, and illustrations can be suited to strike identity with the child receiving the book.

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Also available for purchase are personalized gift sets, floor puzzles, clothing items, and new mommy business cards. Each personally designed detail offers an element of celebration to your exciting occasion, and the special children in your life.

Navigation of the ordering website is as user friendly as the products sold on it. Whether you are purchasing a personal item or a gift, you can be sure that your purchase will be one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed. Signing up for birthday and email reminders for each little one in your life can help plan future gifts, as well as keep track of who has received which product in your family.

Where To Buy

Orders can be placed from anywhere in the world, and there are several store locations. You can easily find the closest store to you by typing in your zip code onto the site. Shipping costs vary by location. Pricing options also vary by product. For example, including a middle name for your child will carry an extra charge.

Store discounts and gift certificates are available to online users and email subscribers (see below). Already reasonably priced for such a novel gift idea, these coupons make each purchase a little extra special.


Parenting organizations and literary publications agree on the value of I See Me books for children. The publishers have earned several awards from parenting and educational organizations, as well as press recognition for positive contributions to children’s literature. Some of these are cited in the popular magazines such as Parents and Good Housekeeping.


Purchasing Books With Coupons

Purchases made on the site are secure and guaranteed. If you are in anyway dissatisfied with the service or product, you will be issued a full refund without question. Credit card purchasing is available, as are money orders for mail purchases. Please consult the website or contact the company for exact pricing and shipping costs for your specific order and location.

Remember to enter your coupon code on checkout so you can save on your order. You can get this by following the instructions at the top of this page.

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I See Me has grown considerably over last few years and now has become a very popular company offering excellent quality books. With excellent coupons available on a weekly basis you can’t really go wrong with Iseeme.com

Review written by Tom Bruce